Apron shoe pattern

An apron front is a piece of leather or suede that is stitched on top of the front of the shoe, in a shape like an apron.

Brogue toe cap

Brogue toe cap shoe pattern

A brogue toe cap is an extra section of leather on the toe (the toe cap) that has decorative perforations.

Brogue wing cap

Brogue wing cap shoe pattern

The front of the shoe has a distinctive broguing design in the shape of a "W".

Plain toe cap

Plain toe cap shoe pattern

A smooth, unembellished piece of leather is fitted over the toe of the shoe.

Plain wing cap

Plain wing cap shoe pattern

A plain piece of leather is sewn to the front of the shoe in a "W" shape.


Plain shoe pattern

A shoe with no decoration or perforations on the toe or vamp.