Button-down collars

Casual shirt button-down collar illustration

Button-down collars are fastened to the shirt for a relaxed look. This is a softer collar that looks good with or without a tie, perfect for business casual.

Classic collars

Casual shirt classic collar illustration

Our most traditional collar, the classic collar is flattering for most men. It goes well with any tie knot, and is unerringly smart.

Cutaway collars

Casual shirt cutaway collar illustration

The cutaway collar is wider than the classic collar, meaning more of your tie will be visible. It suits slender or longer faces, or anyone who likes a contemporary look.

Semi-cutaway collars

Casual shirt semi-cutaway collar illustration

A cross between our classic and cutaway collars, the semi-cutaway is a smaller collar which is slightly spread at the front.

Extreme cutaway collars

Casual shirt extreme cutaway collar illustration

This is a wider version of our cutaway collar. The collar tips are cut away, facing towards the shoulders. Flattering for narrow faces.

Wing collars

Casual shirt wing collar illustration

A wing collar is designed for an evening shirt, to be worn with a bow tie and a tuxedo jacket. Rather than collar points, it has two "wings" that sit flat.