How Tyrwhitt shoes are made

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a pair of fine men’s leather shoes. Every pair of our shoes involves up to 200 tasks performed by 120 highly skilled people. The whole process can take up to eight weeks, with some steps completed by hand.

To construct our shoes, we primarily use a special method called the Goodyear Welted method. It’s a little more time-consuming and costly than other construction methods, but the end result is worthwhile.

The Goodyear Welted method involves sewing a strip of leather (known as “the Goodyear Welt”) to the upper and insole of the shoe. The sole is then stitched on through the welt, resulting in a leather shoe that is stronger, more durable, and more weather-proof. This method of construction is favoured by English manufacturers and has been copied by shoemakers all over the world, so we think we’re on to something rather special here.

After construction, all our men’s shoes are inspected, cleaned and polished by hand and stamped with the iconic Charles Tyrwhitt Jermyn Street logo. The finished shoes are then packaged up in handsome blue boxes, ready to be sent to customers.