How to tie a bow tie step 1

Step 1

Before you start, make sure you are standing in front of a mirror. Place the bow tie around your neck with one side hanging at least two inches longer than the other.

How to tie a bow tie step 2

Step 2

Take the long end and cross it over the short end, then pull it up through the gap between the tie and the neck. Once done, pull both ends tight, and place the long end over your shoulder.

How to tie a bow tie step 3

Step 3

Lift the hanging end and fold it in half over your finger, at the widest part of the bowed shape. Then place on top of the knot created at the neck, and hold in place.

How to tie a bow tie step 4

Step 4

Next, take the end that is over your shoulder, and drape it over the skinny centre of the first bow.

How to tie a bow tie step 5

Step 5

Now comes the tricky part. Holding the draped end in place, take both sides of the first bow with your free hand, and pull gently forward. From the side, you will be able to see a small loop between the first bow and the collar.

How to tie a bow tie step 6

Step 6

Next, take the draped end of the bow tie and fold along the widest part. Once folded, tuck the fold through the small loop behind the first bow. Pull this halfway through to form the second bow.

How to tie a bow tie step 5

Step 7

At this point, you should see your bow tie coming together. To complete, simply tighten using the opposing front and back sides of each bow, and adjust as you tighten.

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