Men's Suits and Blazers

With superb fabric and superior detailing, Tyrwhitt suits and blazers never fail to impress. Our collection houses everyday suits for business as usual, to extraordinary tailoring and tuxedos for the most special occasions.

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  • Business suits

    Our business suits are made for everyday wear, woven from hard-working wool, and packed with details like twin back vents and working button cuffs to ensure you always look stylish whatever the demands of your day. With various colours, patterns and weaves to choose from, there's a perfect business suit for every business man.

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    Herringbone Suit - Royal Blue
    was £299.95 now £239.95
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    Herringbone Suit - Fawn
    was £299.95 now £149.95
  • Occasion suits

    Weddings, parties, the races… a standout day in your calendar requires a standout piece of tailoring. Fine fabrics, rich colours, and eye-catching patterns make these suits distinguished enough for the occasion; meeting the dress code whether the aim is sophisticated finery or playful peacockery.

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    Light blue slim fit herringbone business suit
    was £299.95 now £149.95
  • Tuxedos

    While some rules are made to be broken, dress codes are most definitely not. So when the occasion is special, the garb should follow suit (morning or tux, preferably). Browse formal tailoring, dinner suits, morning suits, and tuxedos so you don’t end up being the wally in the jeans..

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    Morning Suit - Black 
    was £349.95 now £244.95
  • Blazers

    Tywrhitt's collection of men’s blazers is packed with style. Subtle details like working button cuffs elevate them to timeless garments.