Our Affiliate Programme

What does Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts LTD sell?

Quality British clothes, both for men and women. For men it’s about finest quality formal cotton shirts, silk ties and silver cufflinks, 100% wool suits, cotton cashmere sweaters, raincoats and fine calf leather shoes. For women there are beautiful formal and casual shirts, as well as a stylish range of knitwear.

Why should an affiliate choose Charles Tyrwhitt over other clothing websites?

As far as visitors to your site are concerned there are two reasons - price and quality. Charles Tyrwhitt always has a strong promotional offer for your visitors, on the highest quality product available. On top of that there is our six month full refund or exchange policy.

To enable you to convert customers we have a huge library of banners, HTML and text links plus our super-flexible product feed. The product feed allows you to set up a Charles Tyrwhitt store on your site.

What commission does Charles Tyrwhitt pay?

We pay 10% commission for every sale that was generated through your website and 5% for voucher code sites.

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What regulations does Charles Tyrwhitt have?

Affiliate Search Engine Regulations

No affiliate is permitted to bid on Charles Tyrwhitt brand terms, trademarks and misspellings. Misspellings include but are not limited to the following list: charles-tyrwhitt, charles tyrwitt, Tywhitt, charles tyrwhit, charles thwaite, tc shirts, charles thywitt, charles twyritt, charles tywritt, tyrwitt. Affiliates must not directly link to the ctshirts.com or ctshirts.co.uk website, but rather must land users on the Affiliates’ own web sites or landing page. They are not allowed to state ‘ctshirts’ or ‘Tyrwhitt’ as the display URL on search engines. Affiliates must include copy in their search engine advertising so that users are clearly advised at all times, from landing on such Affiliates’ web pages onward, that all such URLs are run by Affiliates and not Charles Tyrwhitt itself. Charles Tyrwhitt affiliates that fail to comply with the above search engine regulations will be removed from our affiliate program on a temporary or permanent basis and will be denied commission payments for the month that they did not comply.

Use of Voucher/Coupon Codes

Affiliates are not permitted to display any codes that have not been distributed to them via LinkShare. Any affiliate promoting such codes may have their commissions cancelled. In particular, affiliates are not permitted to use any codes published by third parties in the press, on third party web sites or elsewhere.

Affiliate Cybersquatting Regulations

We do not allow cybersquatting (domain squatting) which means that affiliates are not permitted to use misspellings of our brand name or domain name to register domains and use them to redirect traffic to our site with the intention of earning commission on sales. Any affiliate will have their commissions cancelled by doing so.

De-dupe policy

Charles Tyrwhitt is now using de-duplication technology to attribute sales fairly between affiliates at the time of transaction. This policy uses the last click wins rule between the multiple affiliate networks used in the UK. No other media is taken into account in this policy at this time.

I much look forward to working together.

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