Discover The perfect formal shirt for you in 4 steps

Step 2Choose your collar

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  • Classic
    Great if search.searchfinder.refvaluedescription.Classic
  • Cutaway
    Great if search.searchfinder.refvaluedescription.Cutaway

Step 3Choose your cuff

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  • Single cuff
    Great if You like a button cuff; or you like an easy-to-wear but smart look.
  • Double cuff
    Great if You like to wear cufflinks; or you want a classic formal look.

Step 4Do you want non-iron fabric?

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  • Yes
    Great if You're travelling; you detest ironing; or you want a shirt that stays crease-free all day.
  • No
    Great if You like regular cotton and you don't mind ironing.

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