Talk of the Town

What does the city mean to you? Be honest, is it cabs and crammed tube carriages? Hustle? Bustle? A tussle for the last spot in the lift, perhaps? Or maybe it’s bike rides down the river bank; discovering a beautiful brunch spot down a backstreet. Perhaps it’s that glorious Friday sensation of leaving your office, removing your tie and sauntering five minutes to a pub. Feeling free, pint in hand, thinking the world’s your oyster.

That’s the sort of urban life that really gets us tingling, and the sort we want our new collection to inspire in every gent – whether he’s a cautious commuter or a true metropolitan man. The city looks a lot better in a suit. Fact. And here’s another: it looks better still in one of our handsome Hairline Suits, or a Twill Suit with a natty peak lapel (newly available this season). With non-iron shirts offering a day of crease-free bliss, this is truly a collection that makes the city slicker.