Are those new trousers?

All gents welcome: how to find your perfect Tyrwhitt trousers.

Tyrwhitt trousers are designed to give gentlemen of every size the best fit; accommodating bottoms and thighs for comfort and elegance.

Your measurements and fit work for all Charles Tyrwhitt trousers. With just two numbers and one fit, you can shop the entire collection.

1 - your build = your fit

Here's the clever part. Choose the fit that dresses your build, independently of your size.

Full build

Full build

Your build: Shapely, full behind and thighs.

Your trouser issue: Tightness, overexposure, and fabric-ripping.

Your solution: Our Full-build Classic trouser fit; generously cut to accommodate your body’s lower half in comfort and for an elegant look.

Regular build

Regular build

Your build: Not full, not flat; often muscular.

Your trouser issue: Trousers a little too wide or too tight.

Your solution: Our Regular-build Slim trouser fit; cut to make the most of your legs, allowing you to move freely, comfortably, and elegantly.

Lean build

Lean build

Your build: Flat behind and/or skinny thighs.

Your trouser issue: The ‘saggy bottom’ look with leftover fabric around the upper leg.

Your solution: Our Lean-build Extra Slim trouser fit; cut trim enough to fit your lean legs and behind to perfection.

2 - your size

Start with your waist and leg length. It's the same as usual.

3 - your style

We've tailored our trousers to four shapes, with a spread of fabrics and colours to choose from for each. There's something in your style however you want to dress today.

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