Travel in style

Good for short or long-haul journeys, here's a Tyrwhitt selection of lightweight, crease-resistant shirts, suits, jackets, and accessories designed to ensure sleek landings and a smart turnout.

  • Silk Spot Stain Resistant Classic Tie - Navy & Pink

    5 Colours

    Navy and Pink Burgundy and White Yellow and Sky Bright Pink Lilac & Navy
  • Classic Collar Non-Iron Twill Shirt  - Pink

    5 Colours

    Pink White Blue Navy Sky
  • Classic Collar Non-Iron Twill Shirt  - White

    5 Colours

    White Blue Navy Sky Pink
  • Classic Collar Non-Iron Twill Shirt  - Sky

    5 Colours

    Sky White Blue Navy Pink

    Classic Collar Non-Iron Micro Diamond Shirt - Grey

    6 Colours

    Grey Blue Lilac Pink Green White
  • Classic Collar Non-Iron Bengal Stripe Shirt - Navy

    2 Colours

    Navy Sky

    Shower Resistant Hooded 3-in-1 Raincoat - Rust

    3 Colours

    Dark Orange Silver Black
  • Classic Collar Non-Iron Puppytooth Shirt  - Royal Blue

    2 Colours

    Royal Sky
  • Tyrwhitt Gent Check Wool Jacket - Green & Blue

    2 Colours

    Green and Blue Pink
  • Classic Collar Non-Iron Poplin Check Shirt - Sky & Red

    4 Colours

    Sky and Red Blue and Red Blue and Sky Sky