Six reasons
to choose
a non-iron

  • 100% pure cotton

    Every Charles Tyrwhitt shirt contains only 100% pure non-iron cotton so it feels soft, crisp and smooth.

  • Non-iron magic

    The magic of a Charles Tyrwhitt non-iron shirt is that all you need do to stay crease-free all day is throw it in the washing machine, pop on a hanger to dry (or in the tumble dryer) and wear it. It's as simple as that!

  • Save some time

    As well as saving you ironing time, a Charles Tyrwhitt non-iron shirt will dry particularly speedily after washing.

  • First class quality

    You'll still find only the silkiest two-fold long staple cotton, a crisp collar and cuffs, sturdy twin-needle stitching and an excellent fit in every Charles Tyrwhitt non-iron shirt.

  • Shirts dry more quickly

    A non-iron shirt will dry more quickly than a regular cotton shirt. Simply take them out of the washing machine and hang to dry.

  • Available in 3 fits

    Whether you prefer our traditional classic fit, slim fit or extra slim fit, we offer the perfect non-iron shirt for you, no matter what your style.

Perfect Non-iron Shirts

In the last few years, non-iron cloth has come along in leaps and bounds - and every Charles Tyrwhitt non-iron shirt is at the forefront of the latest crease-free technology.

A non-iron shirt still should feel soft and lovely

Unlike the non-iron fabric of old, proper non-iron shirt fabric should be made of 100% two-ply cotton so it feels as comfortable as regular shirt fabric. That means it should not contain any man-made fibres such as polyester (a shirt should never sparkle suspiciously in the sun thank you very much) and so should feel luxuriously soft against the skin.

The non-iron magic

The 'non-iron magic' in proper non-iron shirts doesn't come from the fibres themselves, but from the special treating process which involves subjecting the finished shirt to high temperatures. This ensures that when the shirt is hung up to dry after washing, it stays remarkably crease-free. Of course, there are other non-iron shirts on the market that have been treated using additives that make the shirts feel, and look like, cheap-as-chips nylon. If a non-iron shirt doesn't feel as smooth as cotton, we say avoid it like the plague.

Triumph over the washing machine

Ah, the washing machine; great at washing clothes, poor at preventing creases. If there's one thing to blame for a wrinkled shirt this is it. However, as it is squeezed and spun inside one of these, non-iron shirt fabric absorbs less water which makes it even better at keeping its shape and colour, less likely to shrink (perish the thought), and able to dry more quickly. "That's how we combat the main cause of crease formation", says Dr Friedrich Reinert, textiles researcher at BASF, the largest chemical company in the world. Hurrah!

Banish irons

Non-iron shirts means ironing can be a thing of the past, especially as ironing can sometimes cause clothes more harm than good. Regular shirts are notoriously difficult to iron and many a man has ended up with brand new creases after attempting to iron a shirt – very frustrating. A poor ironing job can also leave brown scorch marks on a shirt if the water is too hot (not a good look) and if the water is too cold, creases become annoyingly stubborn. Irons are also bulky, making storage difficult and more expensive than a few non-iron shirts. Finally, everyone knows that leaving a hot iron around can invite nasty accidents – ouch!

Non-iron shirt fits

Because a non-iron shirt begins its life as a regular shirt, you can still find different fits that fall under the non-iron shirt category. Classic fit is built for comfort, with a generous, looser fitting fabric and a long enough tail to ensure it stays smartly tucked in. Slim fit is neater and slightly tapered to the waist. Using less fabric gives a tidier, sharper appearance and can still be worn by men who carry a bit of extra weight round the middle.

Non-iron shirt cuffs

Proper non-iron shirts are also available in a choice of cuffs; double cuff so you can wear them with some dashing cufflinks, or two button single cuff. Either way, they will make you look and feel comfortable and admirably smart.

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