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How to prolong the life of your shoes

We hope that the advice below will help prolong the life of your Charles Tyrwhitt shoes and retain their excellent appearance for years to come.

Shoe Cleaning

The Charles Tyrwhitt shoe care kit contains nearly everything you need to tackle most cleaning problems. Below are the key leathers and how they should be cleaned.

Leather Uppers

  • Clean any excess dirt or dust with a soft clean cloth
  • Apply a good quality wax or cream of the appropriate colour to keep the leather supple
  • Leather soles are a natural product offering a breathable and flexible sole. With its porous nature, the leather sole will let in water and so we therefore do not recommend excessive outdoor use in wet climates
  • Damp soles should always be allowed to dry slowly and naturally in a well ventilated place at room temperature. Never place shoes in front of open fires or radiators as this will dry out the leather.

  • Suede

  • Spray with suede protector before wear
  • Brush out dust regularly and remove slight mud soiling when dry with a suede brush
  • Holding a suede shoe over a gentle steam will restore fluffiness
  • If a more permanent mark occurs use a suede shampoo. Test the product on a small area first and always follow the instructions provided with the shampoo. Always clean both shoes with the shampoo as the shampoo can affect the colour
  • If shoes are wet, they should be dried at room temperature and not assisted by heat.

  • Distressed Leather/Suede

    This type of leather/suede looks better with wear, and the crease marks and scuffs make the character and ruggedness of the shoe. If a shine is required use a natural polish applied with a duster.

    Shoe Care

    A shoe tree is the best way to preserve the life of an expensive shoe. A great shoe tree like Charles Tyrwhitt’s is made from cedar wood and will not only absorb any excess moisture in the shoe, but will also maintain the shape of the shoe. Also shoes should never be worn 2 days in a row. They need the opportunity to breathe and let the moisture from the feet be absorbed.

    Goodyear Welted Shoes

    All our Goodyear Welted shoes feature ‘the Goodyear Welt’, this is a stripe of leather sewn around the shoe to secure the upper to the insole, making the shoe very durable. As this welt is outside the shoe, once the sole is worn they can be re-soled, therefore extending the life of the shoe.